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Rosa Ree or Veryl Mkali Wao? Who is Femi One Beefing With?

Rosa Ree or Veryl Mkali Wao? Who is Femi One  Beefing With?

Femi One went viral on social media yesterday calling out an unknown rapper who had apparently thrown a subliminal at her. The identity of the rapper was not shared as Femi One failed to mention him or her.

The first candidate to step up was Veryl Mkali Wao who shared Femi’s video on her ranting about being dissed. “Eti Femi One amepeana 72 hours. Asijaribu kuanzisha war ju ata zikwa na ma gal dem. DON’T START A WAR YOU CAN’T FINISH,” Veryl posted.

The Nakuru rapper seemed to be warning Femi One against trying to put herself on top of the game implying that she was still up to the task if it came to going head to head.

The two have never seen eye to eye but have never been in direct confrontation as this time. They have always maintained respect for each other but Femi’s message seemed to have touched a nerve.

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree also seemed to weigh in on the issue by posting a cryptic message on her Facebook account on Tuesday, September 26. The rapper simply wrote, “Kama unajiamini nitaje!”

Veryl and Rosa Ree look like they felt targeted by Femi One’s but no one has come out to directly confirm that they were the main target. The 72 hours countdown is already on and we are ready to hear from Femi who the real target is.

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