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One On One With BmixxKe Official On His New Album The Throne , Dropping This Month.

One On One With BmixxKe Official On His New Album The Throne , Dropping This Month.

One On One With BmixxKe Official On His New Album The Throne , Dropping This Month.


Why did you choose the title for the album?

I chose the title “Throne” which symbolizes the kings chair. In the album’s first lead single, also titled Throne, I mention that I am aiming for the Throne. This means in other words going after my dreams,, just as the 6th track in the album, “Chasing dreams”_


Why the long wait for the album?

“Well, thing is if your working with multiple people delegated to different tasks,,sometimes you just have to be patient giving them their ample time and space to do their part as a creative and different people take different durations.

I’ve also been under alot of financial constraints at points and things couldn’t move without money resulting in long stall times.

Also the album has had to be rerecorded like 6 times.😂😂yes,,lemme tell you why. The first time as we started in 2019 after some of the projects were already recorded the studio machine crushed,, losing all files.

I had to jump back in the studio month’s later and rerecord only for it to happen again then I finally on the third time I had to have to wait for the mixing and mastering to be done but the studio moved and I couldn’t get in touch with the prod for a whole year with no word.

At this point I had to source another studio to rerecord the tracks again and managed to hook up with Vinc on the beat for two of them and with the help of Arian Indie finished on the rest but I still needed a specific type of beat for the outro which took a long time working on but eventually got help from Warren Razak and so I could finally finish up after all the jams were fully recorded. Bottom line is capital controls the pace of how things move”

What issues do you tackle on your album

“The album has multiple themes of Love and Heartbreaks, Friendship, lust, Ambition and an unyielding drive. It’s also therapeutic as you follow down on the storyline”


What you plan to achieve with the album

“To portray something beyond just music. That’s why there’s a necessity of following it all through with no skips as it’s a storyline all together. This album is to set the foundation for what’s to come. Yes,,it will add up into more beyond the first album. After all,,these is the requirement for the universe building of the Throneverse that’s to come We just starting😁”


Your  fan base is quite impressive, leave one word for them.

“To my #Bmixxnation fans and friends who been supporting the boy all through, I couldn’t have made it here without you fam. Love you so much”

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