Octopizzo Graces the Kusa Ceremony at Kenyatta University

Octopizzo Graces the Kusa Ceremony at Kenyatta University

Rapper Octopizzo was a present figure at the Kenyatta University Student Association Awards (KUSA). The rapper graced the occasion with a performance of the night.

Octopizzo also met up with Student leaders as part of his Octopizzo Foundation mandate. The rapper was looking forward to creating young leaders.

Rapper Octopizzo meeting student leaders at the University

He was speaking at the KU Ampitheartre where he graced the event by saying that he was building a mentorship program that would involve youth from all over the country.

Octopizzo performing at Kenyatta University

The rapper revealed that the mentorship program would enable him to connect with other youth leaders across the country, especially from Universities.

The Grammy-considered rapper is on a tour of Kenyan Universities as part of his policy to make sure that the next generation has capable leaders.

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