Nameless Asks Kenyans To Sign Petition in Honor of Esir

Nameless Asks Kenyans To Sign Petition in Honor of Esir

Kenyan megastar Nameless is requesting Kenyans to do him a favor and be of help in honoring legendary artist Esir. Sharing a post on his Instagram on Wednesday, September 14, the singer asked Kenyans to sign a petition to have a road in Nairobi’s South C to be named after the late Esir.

Nameless started the petition that has had more than 200 Kenyans signing it online. He has continued to push for the petition and wants Kenya to honor the fallen artist.

Esir was one of Kenya’s most promising artist before his death in 2003. The singer cum rapper rocked our airwaves and to this day remains to be one of Kenya’s best products.

The artist released bangers after bangers and had no weak song until he was involved in a car accident that took his life.

Nameless had also collaborated with the rapper on a couple of projects. The two worked together and their chemistry led Kenyans to one of the most successful periods of music in the country.


The petition is still ongoing and for those who would want to sign it, all the details are on Nameless’s Instagram page.

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