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Meryl Paige Drops Long-Awaited Sweet Serenade Album Dubbed ” Dedicated”.

Meryl Paige Drops Long-Awaited  Sweet Serenade Album Dubbed ” Dedicated”.



Celebrated singer, composer, and live recording artist Meryl Paige has feted her fans with her long-awaited, sweet serenade album titled Dedicated.The vocalist has had one colorful career, one which continues to bloom with each passing calendar year.

Saying that the Vendredi hitmaker has seen and done it all would be an understatement, and according to her, she felt 2023 was time for her to dedicate something to her maker, herself, and her culture.

Overall “Dedicated” is an extremely soulful, and melodically rich project that can be equally compared to her last project ” Super Ego” it captures a lot of aspects only this time that it’s from Paige’s point of view.

Here is the album’s breakdown, Fine boy and Kijana wa mtaa are Paige’s obsession & fantasy for a guy,  My Love Awaits and Sol Provider are all romantic thrillers, where Paige pours her heart and feelings out.

Every Day Is My Blessing walks with Paige as she claims the favors put before her life, The City pays homage to the urban culture, while Song of G is a one-on-one conversation between Paige and God


Listen to the full project here.

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