Joefes album “Toxic” available worldwide for streaming on DSPs

Joefes album “Toxic” available worldwide for streaming on DSPs

In a groundbreaking achievement, Joefes, a member of the renowned Mbuzi Gang music group, has soared to new heights with his album “Toxic,” surpassing an impressive milestone of 100,000 streams on the popular Audiomack streaming platform.


The album is now out and available worldwide for streaming on all DSPs.

Known for his remarkable success in the Kenyan music industry, Joefes is now setting his sights on conquering the streaming world.

This remarkable feat serves as a testament to his unwavering talent and hard work, as well as his growing influence among music lovers both locally and globally.

As a signee of Black Market Records, Joefes joins the league of African artists who are making a significant impact with their music and capturing the attention of audiences on various digital streaming platforms.

Surpassing 100,000 streams on Audiomack not only solidifies Joefes’ position as a formidable force in the music industry but also indicates the expanding reach of his fanbase worldwide.

With this milestone, he is poised to reach even greater heights and leave an indelible mark on the international music scene on the DSPs, captivating listeners with his unique style and infectious melodies.

Joefes’ success on Audiomack is undoubtedly a stepping stone towards the remarkable achievements that lie ahead in his promising career.

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