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Jedidah From Uganda

Jedidah From Uganda
I’m sitting in a small restaurant just close to Ferry, coz I’m rich, it’s raining outside. Coast weather has been shit this year.
This lady comes and takes my order, chai Chapo tatu. Chapo is still 15 bob, shukisha!
Anyways she has on some perfume. She smells great.
Then it hits me, like Deja Vu, I know that perfume! Well, I’m not rich enough to know the name of perfumes coz I’ve never been a fan,, but this one. This one reminds me of Jedidah from Uganda. We dated circa 2018.
She was a house manager. Msinianze na story za “kumbe pia wewe hukula mamboch”. Let who has no sin throw the first stone. Jedidah was beautiful and voluptuous. Perfect girl.
My type.
She spoke good English too, with a little accent that made me simamisha wima kama mlima kitonga or whatever was said in that Nadia Mukami song.
One problem though.
Makwapa! Alikuwa ananuka!
One day when her boss was out,, she invited me over. I was finally getting some international cooch.
Fellas T-shirt ilidrop, caressing started, but harufu!
Sikusimamisha hio siku!
We tried everything. “Maybe continue touching it a little more”
She broke up with me a week later.
I sent her a package though. Of perfume and deodorant!
Those asking why I ain’t a fan of perfumes, I use deodorant, a lot!
Ooh and if she’s dirty, that’s a turn off for me!!

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