Former Homeboyz Radio Presenter Corine Onyango Loses Phone to Rapper

Former Homeboyz Radio Presenter Corine Onyango Loses Phone to Rapper

Corine Onyango, formerly of Radio Africa’s Homeboyz Radio is the latest victim of theft. The sassy radio presenter tweeted on Monday, May 15 that she had lost her phone. Corine claimed that the phone had been taken by a rapper.

“Please tell @kimyamiyaki to give me back my phone that he stole on Saturday. This is exactly why no one tryna fck with you,” she posted.

The post did not give much information, but when we dug further, we discovered that Miyaki was an upcoming rapper and designer, at least according to his profile on Twitter.

The comments under the post did not help either with divulging more information about. Some of the comments were asking Onyango to give them details of what transpired between her and the rapper.

“Atleast give us detailed info, we don’t just start asking tu ivo fwaaa just because somebody said. Why, how, when, what phone/happened/is your relationship? Simu ni ya MKOPA or not?,” an ccount by the name Switch Kenya inquired.

Zamoney said, “Sometimes the level of entitlement is just on another level, you didn’t feel like you should give details on how it happened but you need them to help? Come on now.”

“If your going to involve us in this “theft ” the least you owe us is full details…where?what time?how?why?from there we can know how to tell him to get you back your phone,” Sir Otawa asked.

Some Kenyans joked that the rapper had stolen Onyango’s phone so he could add his music to her playlist. This was a jab at her HBR days when she played a lot of foreign Hip Hop music and paid little attention to Kenyan music.

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