Elly Wee Speaks About His Nearly Debuting EP Litmus.

Elly Wee Speaks About His Nearly Debuting EP  Litmus.

Title of Ep is LITMUS.

“Remember the LITMUS tests in science labs. So this Ep basically is just me testing the waters and trying to play around with different sounds trying to find myself while also observing how listeners respond to my sounds….also it’s me testing how the industry works in terms of distribution, publishing, PR..and most importantly learning the business side of music”
The Ep has 6 songs
1.” Lawama ft Adasa( a song of 2 lovers boasting about their love for each other and how nothing can stop them)
2. Designer ft Johnny Skani & Viquee ..(made use of symbolism by describing how this designer girl dresses me with an international love…she is a love designer dressing me up in different styles and expressions of love, each one tailored to my unique personality and preferences. She is a master of style and expression, helping me look and feel my best.
3. My life ft Dru & Amor ( it’s a deep song with very provocative and touching lyrics manifesting the various struggles that many young people go through in life in a very dysfunctional system in our society. To the point young people develop suicidal thoughts and even questioning God on the situation upon them
4. Your place..is purely a hard-core dancehall tune with the lyrics trying to encourage one to go on and take their rightful place. Don’t let anyone take what’s meant for you. Also a good piece for anyone who likes to dance.
5. Sunshine ft Viquee ( it’s a romantic love song that captures the essence of falling in love and the warm, bright feeling it brings. The song is written from the perspective of someone who has found their soulmate and sees them as their “sunshine”- the light that brightens up their life and fills their heart with joy
6. Color the world ft Attara ( it’s a peace and love song that promotes harmony, unity, and compassion. It’s typically written with the intention of inspiring people to come together in a spirit of love and understanding,  and to spread messages of peace and positivity.”
My inspiration for this Ep is the hunger and determination to master or to try to learn as much as I can about the music industry and also to find my sound. All in preparation for bigger projects yet to come.
Why the Collaborations
When two or more artists work together, they bring their own unique skills, ideas, and perspectives to the table, which can result in a more innovative and interesting musical product.
The Ep is full of Collaborations so as to achieve;Creative synergy, exposure to new audiences,networking,Learning and growth
The artists in the EP are Johnny Skani, Adasa, Attara and Viquee. All these are great artists with huge talents. Jonny Skani has been in the game for a long time and is among the artists I looked up to before I even began my musical journey.
Adasa is one of the top female artists in the country and it’s a pleasure to have her on the EP. Viquee and Attara are from separate bands and are extremely talented musicians and very active behind the scenes in the industry.Their vocal prowess cannot go unnoticed.
Dru is one of the realest hip hop artists I have interacted with. His word play and choice of words is something that makes him stand out. Its a big plus to have him in the EP”

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