Why Hip Hop Republik is the Best Hip Hop Show in Kenya

Why Hip Hop Republik is the Best Hip Hop Show in Kenya

Hip Hop is a genre that has been overlooked for some time now in the country as other types of music continue getting major airplay. Radio stations in the country have continued to downplay the genre but there is one show that continues to impress.

Hip Hop Republik on Ghetto Radio is one show that has continued to overshadow the other shows in the country that claims to be playing the genre. Hip Hop Republik, that comes once a week on Ghetto radio plays more local Hip Hop compared to any other radio show.

We have had shows come and ago but Ghetto Radio through Curtis has continued to elevate the genre. The station has three full hours on Tuesday nights dedicated to the genre.

The show also invites artists to come over for interviews and the process is easier compared to any other radio station. Some other Kenyan stations will have you talking to multiple people before you can land a 15-minute interview.

Ghetto radio also responds easily to its fans making it easier to be in constant communication. Hip Hop Republik is a favorite among Hip Hop heads because they get real Kenyan Hip Hop music.

Curtis also gives a chance to new artists every week by having them on the playlist so that fans can vote whether the song should be kept in rotation.

There is no Bongo-hip hop overshadowing like Citizen radio’s Mseto Hip Hop. Real Kenyan Hip Hop, on a Kenyan station is all Hip Hop Republik does.

Hoemboyz Radio was once the home of Hip Hop but now continues to struggle with foreign Hip Hop and other genres that are not promoting the culture.

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