Vic West’s latest anthem “Cool Me Down” topping charts

Vic West’s latest anthem “Cool Me Down” topping charts

Vic West has become an household name in the entertainment industry, he is recognized as the mastermind behind the hit song “Kuna Kuna” and now there is latest release “Cool Me Down” that is adding more respect to his name.

Cool Me Down is a vibrant captivating song that has stormed the radios, streets and clubs, it’s clear that Vic West has mastered the art of releasing songs that are a major crowd mover.

The list of artists on this song from the likes of Savara, Ben Soul, Thee Exit Band and Joefes have influenced the big rotation of the song.

The big six came through perfectly, everyone nailing their verses and making sure the project become a success.

Currently domination different charts on music streaming platforms, the song has garnered over 60K views on YouTube. Trending on TikTok as well, it’s anticipated to get reception from beyond the African borders.

Check out the song via the link below


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