Top songs in Kenya right now 2023

Top songs in Kenya right now 2023

Here is our top songs in Kenya, the top 10 Kenyan list according to the songs we think are a wave in Kenya right now.

10. Navutishwa – Ben Soul ft Bien

After successfully launching his album recently at the Alchemist, I think we can all agree that “The Lion of Sudah” is a massive success. One of the songs off the album making waves right now is “Navutishwa” featuring Bien from Sauti Sol, which has over 162,000 views on YouTube within 3 weeks with just an audio.

9. Bembeleze – Willy Paul ft Nandy

Controversial Kenyan singer Pozze teamed up with Tanzania’s African princess Nandy for ‘Bembeleze’ which stands at 1.4 m views on YouTube as dyer just one month.

8. Mambo Imechemka – Krg The Don

Krg The Don has been in the game for a while now, and even though he started off a singer, most Kenyans couldn’t name any song by him, until he released ‘Mambo imechemuka” which a lot of people have been vibing to since it’s release. The song has garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube since it’s release.

7. MC MCA – Wakadinali

Wakadinali don’t even need any introduction, especially to any fan of kenyan music. “MC MCA” is part of the group’s album ‘Ndani ya cockpit 3″ and has earned them over 2.3 M views after 6 months and it’s still on Kenya’s trending list.

6. My baby – Bien ft Ayra Star

Sauti Sol’s Bien wasted no time when he linked up with “Sabi girl” Ayra Star. The two quickly got into the studio and recorded a timeless hit “my baby”. The Kenya Naija Collab has over 750,000 views on YouTube with just a lyric video after 2 months.

5. Angela – Boutross ft Konshens, 1 Dabanton & Juicee Man

Angela went viral on all socials especially in Kenya after its release, and the rest of the world followed suit.
The song by Boutross featuring Juicee man became so big that it had to remixed. On this remix Boutross features 1 Dabanton, Juicee Man and Jamaica’s Konshens and fans still can’t get enough of it.

4. Kaskie vibaya na uko – Fathermoh and Ssaru

At this point let’s just agree that everything Fathermoh touches turns to gold. He’s been nicknamed the king of hooks and it’s evident. “Kaskie Vibaya na uko” featuring Ssaru is a hit with over 4.3 M views on YouTube within just 2 months of its release.

3. Romantic Call – Vijana Baru Baru

Call them “Vbe or Vijana Baru Baru”, but these two, have worked really hard to get to where they are, and they deserve everything good that’s happening to them. After a successful single “SASA Hivi” featuring Ashley music that went on to earn them a remix with Nandy, the group are now back on trends with “Romantic Call” and we’re so here for it.

2. Sikutambui – Wakadinali

For a group that barely does any media tours to promote their craft, I think we can all agree that Wakadinali are doing pretty good for themselves. They stay booked for events and their songs go viral with little to no effort.

Their latest song to go viral is “Sikutambui” which came out close to 4 months ago, but fans can’t stop listening to it, thanks to that catchy verse by Munga.

1. Nobody –  Darassa ft Bien

Let’s just agree to disagree that Bien is the glue that holds Sauti sol together. I mean, wether he’s with the band or not, Bien stays winning and his recent projects speak for themselves. This latest collab “Nobody” with Tanzania’s Darassa is a mega hit with over 3 M views on YouTube without a video after just 2 months of its release.


Do you think any other song should have made it to the list? Leave us a comment and we’ll consider it on our next list. Thanks.

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