Top New Kenyan Genres To Watch Out For

Top New Kenyan Genres  To Watch Out For



Arbantone is not just a passing trend but a movement that has sparked a revolution in the Kenyan music scene. Pioneered by legendary producers Soundkraft and Motif the Don, this genre aims to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With its fusion of Afrobeat, dancehall, and local Kenyan sounds, Arbantone has created a sonic landscape that captures the essence of the Kenyan people.




This genre is pioneered by Halisi Monray who apart from being an artist is devoted humanitarian activist.

Halisi Monray has put out a couple of hits under this new genre which is a combination of Afrobeats+ Mugithi turning it into afrogithi.

His latest hit Maisa no Maya has been bubbling inthe Gikuyu music circles and the lid will sure one day blow off.


Luhya Drill.

This is a sub genre of Kenyan drill that is slowly but surely taking over the scene with key pioneers being Ashuu B Mwana Omuda & Akhasamba Lukale.

The two artists have been consistently putting out Luhya drill influenced bangers and they have been having the Western Region of Kenya on lock .

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