My Life is in Danger – Nyali MP Mohammed Ali

My Life is in Danger – Nyali MP Mohammed Ali

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali claims that his life is in danger. The MP, via his Twitter account on Tuesday, March 14, reported that an attempt on his life had been made.

The MP said that some assailants were after him, as per the evidence that he presented at his office. Mohammed Ali noted that the goons had attacked his office and broken a few windows.

“Yet again, for the fifth time, there has been an attack on my office. A clear indication that the person/people behind this attempt on my life are relentless to take me down,” Ali reported.

The MP, however, stood in confidence and assured people that his life could not be taken easily. He mentioned that whoever was responsible for the attacks would not succeed.

“What they forget is, no human being can take the life of another except by the will of God,” he affirmed. This attack comes as the MP maintains his stance on the LGBTQ community.

The member of parliament of the coastal constituency stood his ground to say that he was against any efforts to legalize the movement in Kenya. Mohammed Ali and his Likoni counterpart Mishi Mboko both criticized any move to make the community and their lifestyle legal in the country.

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