Music Review: Lil Felly ft Katapilla – Bila Wao

Music Review: Lil Felly ft Katapilla – Bila Wao

Rapper Lil Felly Makaveli is back again with his mate Katapilla Katavelli on a joint drill track. The two have teamed up on a track called Bila Wao. The video of the song went live on YouTube yesterday.

Bila Wao is a track that seems to target the gatekeepers in the music industry. The song starts off with Lil Felly shouting out Madiwa City, a place that turned him into the rapper he is today. He continues by assuring his fans that he does not need any help, he can do it on his own.

“Walidai nikikafunga buda nisiwahi wasahau, lakini kabla nikafunge buda walishanisahau,” Felly starts off with this new track that he had been promising the fans for months. The track goes off to confirm that he is fine with doing it on his own without asking for handouts.

He notes that he can never depend on anyone because of the lessons he has learned in the music industry and also in his career in general. Lil Felly reports that he was left behind in music when most of the people he started with went mainstream.

The rapper talks about his struggle and gives hope to his fans with his grass to grace story. He mentions that he has gone through challenges both in his life and music. Lil Felly talks about a lot that had him pinned down all his life.

Katapilla, who is missing from the video that has comedian Eric Omondi involved, talks about his journey saying that he has always lived his life without having to pretend to his fans. This song embodies the two rapper ability to flow seamlessly on the beat without breaking a sweat.

Comedian Eric Omondi during the shoot of Bila Wao.

Lil Felly finishes off the song with memories of how he was saved from the depths of failure. He shouts out some of his close friends who have been close to him ever since he started his career in music.

You can check the video here:

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