A Pastor’s 21-Day Fast to Safeguard His Flock

A Pastor’s 21-Day Fast to Safeguard His Flock


In a remarkable and faith-driven act of devotion, Victor Great, the lead pastor of Zion Ark of Covenant Int’l Bible Church in Delta State, Nigeria, embarked on a spiritually rigorous journey. He committed to fasting for 21 days, with the noble purpose of praying to overcome death and protect his congregation from its clutches.

This extraordinary feat captured the hearts and minds of his church members, as well as those who witnessed the powerful display of faith.

As the days passed, the effects of the extended fast became evident, and the pastor found himself unable to walk. The congregation watched in awe and reverence as Pastor Victor Great was carried, unconscious, to the church’s altar.

Dressed in white and gently accompanied by dedicated protocol officers, he was carefully laid down amidst the congregants who had gathered around.

Despite his physical weakness, the pastor’s spiritual strength shone through as he delivered prophetic utterances. The congregation listened intently, hanging on to his every word as he channeled the divine messages that flowed through him.

It was a moment of profound spirituality and unwavering faith as he continued to carry out his mission.

Before embarking on this spiritual odyssey, Pastor Victor Great made a solemn announcement on August 30, sharing his intent to fast for 21 days and, in his words, “close the doors of death.” He expressed his deep commitment to intercede for his congregation and stand as a guardian against the specter of death.

His words conveyed the gravity of his mission: “I came here to defy the gate of death and announce that there are people you will not put under my protection.”

Through his dedication and unwavering faith, Pastor Victor Great promised to represent his congregation at the gate of death. His resolve to prevent any member from leaving this world prematurely resonated deeply with those he shepherded.


His 21-day fast became a testament to the power of faith and the lengths to which a man of God was willing to go for the well-being of his flock.


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