Artists With The Most Catchy Hooks And Hit Songs In The 254

Artists With The Most Catchy Hooks And Hit Songs In The 254


Ever since mbuzi gang rapper fathermoh shook the Kenyan industry with the hook to wagithomo ,he has persistenly shown that he is an act to watch out for . As since 2019 he has consistently dropped bangers such as dai dai, shamra shamra, kuna kuna and now kaskie vibaya huko , the most viewed gengetone song this year.


He is a gengetone pioneer who first ruffled feathers in 2018 with reing, a song which trended for the last two weeks of the year, the artist artist has dropped so manyy hits that the current president William Ruto choose his song sipangwigwi to be his official campaign song, now that:s someone who makes bangers.

Bein Baraza.

The Sauti sol band member and singer has been dropping hits for over 14 years, the singer has been seamlessly dropping hits since the 200o’s ages , this catalog includes on both his group days in Sauti sol  and also in his career. The goat is currently the most streamed artist in the country with over  half million listeners monthly on one platform alone.

Munga Domani

Forming a third of the eccentric rap and drill crew Wakadinali, he goes by alot of names ranging  from ,mad munga, ndoch, wuzzuu he has certified himself as the brains behind the most catchy hits inthe 254 from bangers such as murio wa anzenza, extra pressure, eye contact ,njege masanse,  bassically the last two albums from the group can be credited to him for making them bangers occasionally being complimented by fellow group mate sewersyda.

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